Monday, January 28, 2008

SoFtWare IsLaMic 3

Shollu Placenames Geographic names and location for “Shollu” prayer reminder. Contain names, Latitudes and Altitudes information.

Indonesia 1.00 MB Indonesia ( ~ 150.000 places )
United States 369 KB United States ( ~33.000 places )
Malaysia 438 KB Malaysia ( ~62.000 places )
Singapore 18 KB Singapore ( ~1.600 places )
Japan 343 KB Japan( ~51.000 places )
Hongkong 20 KB Hongkong ( ~2.900 places )
Egypt 357 KB Egypt ( ~42.700 places )
United Arab Emirates 20 KB United Arab Emirates ( ~4000 places )

Adzan sound Adzan file that included with Shollu prayer reminder only have 8 kbps bit rate. Below is Adzan sound with good/high quality (32 kbps up to 128 kbps)

Adzan Fajr 2.85 MB This is high quality ( 128 kbps) adzan at fajr
Adzan Egypt 868 KB Good quality Egypt adzan
Adzan Mecca 1.35 MB Good quality ( 56 kbps) adzan from Mecca
Adzan Al-Aqsa 1 1.39 MB Adzan from Al-Aqsa (64 kbps)
Adzan Al-Aqsa 2 1.71 MB Another Adzan from Al-Aqsa (64kbps)
Adzan Turkey 1.58 MB Hear adzan from Turkey (56 kbps)
Adzan Madinah 667 KB Adzan from Madinah (32 kbps)
Adzan 1 755 KB Another Adzan file 1 ( 32 kbps)
Adzan 2 887 KB Another Adzan file 2 ( 32 kbps)
Adzan 3 708 KB Another Adzan file 3 ( 32 kbps)
Adzan 4 715 KB Another Adzan file 4 ( 32 kbps)

Free ebooks

Al-Qur’anul Kariim v1.1 3.30 MB html help (chm) version of Al-Qur’an and the Indonesian translation
Al-Arbain an-Nawawiyah 182 KB html help (chm) version of popular hadith Al-Arba’in an-Nawawiyah with syarah by Ibnu Daqiqil ‘Ied
Hisnul Muslim 1.03 2.20 MB The popular book of authentic supplications, “Hisnul-Muslim” (Fortification of the Muslim through Remembrance and Supplication from the Qur.aan and Sunnah]) compiled by the Shaykh, Sa’eed Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaanee, and adapted into the English Language by Abu Safwan Farid Abdulwahid Haibatan
Fatwabase 4.99 1.26 MB The latest version containing all the fataawa published on Fatwa-Online in one handy searchable ebook
Hisnul Muslim (pdf) 508 KB PDF version of Hisnul Muslim with Indonesian translation
Hisnul Muslim (doc) 491 KB Word version (*.doc) of Hisnul Muslim with Indonesian translation
Al-Arbain an-Nawawiyah 307 KB Another PDF version of Al-Arbain An-Nawawiyah with Indonesian translation

SoFtWare IsLaMic 2

Other Islamic stuff ( from other sources )

Font MCS Aljalalah 41 KB Arabic fonts the name of Allah
Font MCS Basmallah 91 KB Arabic fonts “Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim”
Font Islamics Art 1 44 KB Islamics Art Font 1 ( kaligrafi, simbol, dll )
Font MCS Mix 53 KB Font Arab berisi campuran kaligrafi ( Calligraphy ), simbol dll
Kamus Al Mufid 1.0 851 KB Indonesiaa-Arabic dan Arabic-Indonesian Dictionary ( ). Very good dictionary with many words.
Flash Prayer Times 12.5 1.90 MB Source Code, Algorithm and Prayer times applications in Flash
Qur’an Arabic Unicode 1.33 MB Quran text in Unicode, English translation and transliteration also included
Quran in Word 1.3 1.07 MB Plug Ins AlQuran for Ms-Word. This program will add new menu “Al-Quran” on your microsoft word application. You can insert ayah of quran or translation to your word document with easy. Another language translation here

Others useful program/tutorial

Windows Registry Guides 1.1 MB Registry tips, tricks & tweaks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows (9x/NT/2000/Xp)
Hexapad 1.2 180 KB Very Small Hex Editor ( only 82 KB) with many features + source code. Updated version 1.2 ( 20 September 2007 )

Old version

Shollu 3.06 921 KB Islamic Prayer Reminder version 3.06
Shollu 3.05 923 KB Islamic Prayer Reminder version 3.05
Shollu 2.15 784 KB The last Prayer Reminder version 2

SoFtWare IsLaMic 1

Latest of my Free Software

Shollu 3.07 911 KB Islamic Prayer reminder for almost all the cities in the world, with many features such as : scheduler maker, additional message, customize azan sound, 40 nice skins, Qibla direction, custom message, Hijri-Gregorian converter, Automatic shutdown, hibernate at specific time, etc.
Terjemah Al-Qur’an 1.5 271 KB Small Indonesian translation of the Quran, features : single exe, very fast searching word.
Kamus 2.03 2.72 MB The latest version, an English-Indonesian Dictionary and vice versa. Features : More that 41.000 English-Indonesian word, 35.000 Indonesian-English word and more than 64.000 phrase; 20 nice skins, Clipboard monitoring; Automatic translations, Compact mode etc.
Restore my files 1.0 RC 2 32 KB Small tools (applications) to restore ms word, excel or power point (97-2003) that infected by virus. Fast detection and restoring your documents. Download the source code here
Arabic Pad 1.03 44 KB Easily write or edit Arabic text without install Office or Windows Arabic. JAWI supported
Hidden File Tool 1.0 26 KB Small tools for fast searching hidden-system-archive-read only. Plus easy change the file/folder attributes. Useful when your files/folders was hidden by virus, trojan etc.

Update Program

Shollu 3.07.2 exe only 115 KB File Shollu3.exe v3.07.2 ( Update v 3.07, caused by bugs di win2000 )
Update kamus to 2.03 302 KB Kamus2.exe and help only, update to version 2.03

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

8 Top YouTube Downloaders

Although there are more than a dozen of web-based youtube downloading application on the net but most of them are more or less doing the same thing. They all asked you cut & paste a url and redirects you to a backend server to "Save As" that video file. And then you have to rename the file into .flv each time before you can watch it. And worst of all, the flv file can't be used for offline viewing like cellphone, ipod, zune etc... There should be a better way to do it! Especially if you consider yourself a "Power Watcher", you NEED a desktop application to do the heavy lifting for you LOCALLY. And do it FAST. Here I list my top 8 desktop applications which will help you to download and convert any youtube videos to your favorite format to play on your PC, iPod or Zune etc...


Download & Convert:

  • VDownloader is the fastest in this category with its simultaneous download functionality.
  • 1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader unique in its ease of use & ability to batch download 100s of videos from certain user/favorite/playlist with the least clicks. Support International Characters.
  • YouTubeDownloader supports the most file formats including the latest H.26x.

Download Only:

  • Xilisoft Dowload YouTube Video is the fastest. In our test it is even faster than P2P.
  • Orbit Downloader is unique in its P2P technology. However like all P2P applications, it depends on how many people have downloaded the same file and have their machines turned on. Also its download process is very simple, just hover your mouse over the video and a "GetIt" button will appear.
  • YouTubeSucker like the 1-Click YouTube Batch Downloader allows batch download 100s of videos. However, the feature is only available in the Pro version which cost $25+ and they don't have a trial version for that. So I have no way to actually test it.

Another consideration is its ability to convert/download from other online video sites which I will try to cover it in my next article.


YouTubeGrabber: A message from its web-site "Youtube Grabber (All versions) no longer works because of Youtube's new layout. Please tell all your friends"

KeepV Flash Converter: I had a hard time to make it work. :<

Download Rapidshare

Untuk mencari file-file Rapidshare, Megaupload, atau file Factory sekarang bisa lebih mudah. Kamu tinggal ketik nama file yang kamu cari maka mucul file-file seperti kita search digoogle akan muncul. Lalu tinggal Klick file yang kita inginkan. Biar lebih jelas saya masukkan deskripsi tentang situs ini disini. “FilesBot is a file search engine for search in Rapidshare, Megaupload, and many others uploading sites and online file storages. In future we plan to open FTP search but opinions differ on this question. Your opinion is very valuable to us. Please try our search engine and let us know what you think about our services. Hope FilesBot will do a good and relevant search for you!” Why to choose FilesBot? 1. The FilesBot files search engine allows you to search files on one-click hosting and Web-based file sharing systems without any additional services or software. 2. FilesBot helps you to find and download to your PC photos, movies, videos and audio files from these online storages. You may search not only on rapidshare or megaupload; our search index contains all other noteworthy online file storages. 3. For the convenience of our users, our file storages search engine also contains advanced search options. FilesBot runs on dedicated servers and uses built-in search systems and multi-threads database system. So you search will be relevant and fast! Untuk yang lainnya silakan cari sesuka hati kamu. Pesan saya cuma satu, berhati2lah. Setiap file yang kamu download berresiko mendatangkan bencana pada komputer kamu. Bisa virus, trojan, worm. Sedia payung sebelum hujan. Pasang antivirus, tambah firewall. Yang mau hunting files silakan ke sini.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Manis wajahmu kulihat di sana, Apa rahsia yang tersirat, Tapi zahirnya dapat kulihat, Mesra wajahmu dengan senyuman. Senyuman...senyuman Senyum tanda mesra, Senyum tanda sayang, Senyumlah sedekah yang paling mudah, Senyum di waktu susah, Tanda ketabahan, Senyuman itu tanda keimanan. Senyumlah senyumlah senyumlah senyumlah Hati yang gundah terasa tenang, Bila melihat senyum hatikan tenang, Tapi senyumlah seikhlas hati, Senyuman dari hati jatuh ke hati. Senyumlah senyumlah Senyumlah seperti Rasulullah, Senyumnya bersinar dengan cahaya, Senyumlah kita hanya kerana Allah, Itulah senyuman bersedekah. Senyumlah senyumlah senyumlah senyumlah Itulah sedekah yang paling mudah, Tiada terasa terhutang budi, Ikat persahabatan antara kita, Tapi senyum jangan disalah guna.javascript:void(0) Mempublikasikan Posting Senyumlah senyumlah senyumlah senyumlah Senilagu: Farihin Abdul Fatah Senikata: Zarie & Che Amran Hakcipta senilagu & senikata: Raihan Cipta

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Lucu ya, uang Rp 20,000-an kelihatan begitu besar bila dibawa ke kotak amal masjid, tapi begitu kecil bila kita bawa ke supermarket. Lucu ya, 45 menit terasa terlalu lama untuk berzikir tapi betapa pendeknya waktu itu untuk pertandingan sepakbola. Lucu ya, betapa lamanya 2 jam berada di Masjid, tapi betapa cepatnya 2 jam berlalu saat menikmati pemutaran film di bioskop. Lucu ya, susah merangkai kata untuk dipanjatkan saat berdoa atau sholat,tapi betapa mudahnya cari bahan obrolan bila ketemu teman. Lucu ya, betapa serunya perpanjangan waktu di pertandingan bola favorit kita, tapi betapa bosannya bila imam sholat Tarawih bulan Ramadhan kelamaan bacaannya. Lucu ya, susah banget baca Al-Quran 1 juz saja, tapi novel best-seller 100 halamanpun habis dilalap. Lucu ya, orang-orang pada berebut paling depan untuk nonton bola atau konser, dan berebut cari saf paling belakang bila Jumatan agar bisa cepat keluar. Lucu ya, kita perlu undangan pengajian 3-4 minggu sebelumnya agar bisa disiapkan diagenda kita, tapi untuk acara lain jadwal kita gampang diubah seketika. Lucu ya, susahnya orang mengajak partisipasi untuk dakwah, tapi mudahnya orang berpartisipasi menyebar gossip. Lucu ya, kita begitu percaya pada yang dikatakan koran, tapi kita sering mempertanyakan apa yang dikatakan Al Quran. Lucu ya, semua orang penginnya masuk surga tanpa harus beriman, berpikir, berbicara ataupun melakukan apa-apa. "Dan sampaikanlah berita gembira kepada orang-orang mu'min bahwa sesungguhnya bagi mereka karunia yang besar dari Allah. (QS. 33:47)"

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